Industry standard roll length thermal transfer label, unless noted, are available with or without horizontal perforations between label. Part numbers ending in “P” designate a horizontal perf between label. Labels are designed for use in all standard size table-top thermal transfer printers that accept maximum 8″ OD rolls with labels wound on 3″ cores.


Preview of Label (not to size)Part NumberLabel Size
(W x H)
No./RollRolls in Cartonlbls/ctnWgt/Ctn$/MCarton Price
(+ S & H)
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ADTT1.5-11.5" x 1"5500844M20lbs$1.25/M69.75View Product
ADTT1.5-1P1.5" x 1" PERF5500844M20lbs$1.25/M$69.75View Product
ADTT2-12"x1"5500844M27lbs$1.65/M$91.05View Product
ADTT2-1P2"x1" PERF5500844M27lbs$1.65/M$91.05View Product
ADTT2-1.52" x 1.5"3500828M25lbs$3.10/M$104.15View Product
ADTT2-1.5P2" x 1.5" PERF3500828M25lbs$3.10/M104.15View Product
ADTT2-2P2" x 2" PERF2750822M22lbs$3.05/M$82.85View Product
ADTT3-13" x 1"5500633M26lbs$2.50/M$82.90View Product
ADTT3-1P3" x 1" PERF5500633M26lbs$2.50/M$82.90View Product
ADTT3-1.53" x 1.5" 3500621M24lbs$4.30/M$107.20View Product
ADTT3-1.5P3" x 1.5" PERF3500621M24lbs$4.30/M$107.20View Product
ADTT3-23" x 2"3000618M31lbs$4.25/M$97.50View Product
ADTT3-2P3" x 2" PERF3000618M31lbs$4.25/M$97.50View Product
ADTT3-33" x 3"1900611.4M27lbs$4.25/M$94.95View Product
ADTT3-3P3" x 3" PERF1900611.4M27lbs$4.25/M$94.95View Product
ADTT3-53" x 5" 125067.5M31lbs$9.15/M$89.18View Product
ADTT3-5P3" x 5" PERF125067.5M31lbs$9.15/M$89.18View Product
ADTT3.5-1P3.5" x 1" PERF5500633M33lbs$3.05/M$122.35View Product
ADTT3.5-83.5" x 8" 75064.5M35lbs$23.10/M$126.70View Product
ADTT3.5-8P3.5" x 8" PERF75064.5M35lbs$23.10/M$126.70View Product
ADTT4-14" x 1" 5500422M25lbs$3.50/M$94.35View Product
ADTT4-1P4" x 1" PERF5500422M25lbs$3.50/M$94.35View Product
ADTT4-1.54" x 1.5"3500414M25lbs$6.15/M$103.45View Product
ADTT4-1.5P4" x 1.5" PERF3500414M25lbs$6.15/M$103.45View Product
ADTT4-24" x 2" 3000412M27lbs$5.35/M$82.65View Product
ADTT4-2P4" x 2" PERF3000412M27lbs$5.35/M$82.65View Product
ADTT4-2.54" x 2.5" 2500410M28lbs$6.90/M$88.00View Product
ADTT4-2.5P4" x 2.5" PERF2500410M28lbs$6.90/M$88.00View Product
ADTT4-34" x 3" 190047.6M25lbs$7.35/M$73.21View Product
ADTT4-3P4" x 3" PERF190047.6M25lbs$7.35/M$73.21View Product
ADTT4-44" x 4"150046M25lbs$10.20/M$78.55View Product
ADTT4-4P4" x 4" PERF150046M25lbs$10.20/M$78.55View Product
ADTT4-54" x 5"125045M26lbs$14.05/M$88.15View Product
ADTT4-5P4" x 5" PERF125045M26lbs$14.05/M$88.15View Product
ADTT4-64" x 6"100044M24lbs$12.70/M$67.70View Product
ADTT4-6P4" x 6" PERF100044M24lbs$12.70/M$67.70View Product
ADTT4-6.54" x 6.5"90043.6M25lbs$15.20/M$72.07View Product
ADTT4-6.5P4" x 6.5" PERF90043.6M25lbs$15.20/M$72.07View Product
ADTT4-84" x 8"75043M24lbs$18.60/M$72.70View Product
ADTT4-8P4" x 8" PERF75043M24lbs$18.60/M$72.70View Product
ADTT4-104" x 10"60042.4M26lbs$40.95/M$116.18View Product
ADTT4-10P4" x 10" PERF60042.4M26lbs$40.95/M$116.18View Product
ADTT5-35" x 3"190047.6M31lbs$11.65/M$109.09View Product
ADTT5-3P5" x 3" PERF190047.6M31lbs$11.65/M$109.09View Product
ADTT5-45" x 4" 150046M32lbs$15.85/M$116.20View Product
ADTT5-4P5" x 4" PERF150046M32/lbs$15.85/M$116.20View Product
ADTT6-46" x 4"150046M35lbs$15.30/M$114.55View Product
ADTT6-4P6" x 4" PERF150046M35lbs$15.30/M$114.55View Product
ADTT8.5-11P8.5" x 11"54021.08M28lbs$119.80/M$148.38View Product